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Surefire is a local New York band who is about to take over the world. No, really, I'm serious. And YOU, my friend, have stumbled onto their livejournal group; more specifically, a street team effort that is here to help spread the word.

official street team site:

lots of goodies there. sign up and rawk.

“They share the same dream, to be in the biggest and the best rock band the world has seen.”

“We always get really sick to our stomachs when we watch Surefire. Why are they so young, and why are they so awesome? It's like you just want to puke yourself because they're so good. Totally could be the next Coldplay/Travis/Phantom Planet.”

“What continues to amaze me is their stage presence and utter sense of professionalism.”

“If Sunday night's performance at Sin-e was any indication, they are now ready to take on the world.”

“Armed with songwriting and guitar-playing skills to rival, and probably trump, those of bands twice their age.”

“If your heart-rate hasn't picked up (along with your general outlook on life) by the end of this song, well, then, you're probably just dead.”

“New York City’s best unsigned band.”